About Us

Since 2003, FMSAlumni.com has been here to serve as an informational website to Fishburne’s alumni. We are here to tell you about all the changes that the school goes through, as well as inform you of any information passed on to us by other alumni. The site is truly for the alumni, by the alumni.

The site utilizes Facebook as much as possible to bring you news and features. Alumni can also log into the website using their Facebook account to access additional features, such as the Alumni Directory and Classifieds. FMSAlumni.com is an ever-evolving website, and we plan to bring even more to the site in the future.

Derrick Weaver '99About the Webmaster

Derrick Weaver, FMS class of 1999, began designing websites as a hobby. After building an even larger fascination for the activity and with the support of his wife, he decided to attend college to earn a degree in the field.

Derrick graduated from ECPI Technical College in August 2005 with an Associate of Applied Science in Web Development and again in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems. Throughout his undergrad education, he received such honors as Summa Cum Laude, membership to the National Technical Honor Society, and membership to the National Dean’s List. He later attended Graduate School at Virginia Tech and, in 2012, earned a Master of Information Technology with concentrations in Business Information Systems, Decisions Support Systems, and Software Development.

Derrick is Class Agent for the class of 1999, a member of the Colonel Young Brigade, President of the FMS Board of Visitors, and a helpful volunteer for the Alumni Department from time to time. He is currently a Senior Programmer Analyst at the nTelos headquarters, located in Waynesboro, VA. Derrick also manages a freelance web design business, D.W. Web Services LLC.